Olesia Joy-PainT Art

Olesia Tretiakevych, digital artist and photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine
I'm Olesia Tretiakevych, digital artist and photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I paint joy and pain in a mixture, interaction and their implementation.
The pain that brings suffering and every day is more and more unbearable, and at some point makes you weak, burns to nothing.
But pain will not go anywhere until you go to meet it. The real pain is most often hidden, even from ourself.
It doesn't matter whether they suffer from it or enjoy it. It takes courage to accept it and admit it to others.
And pain that brings pleasure and joy, and which you want to receive or inflict again and again.
The severity of such pain is sweet. disturbing, forbidden, spicy, alluring. And the dosage is important. Caution should go next to pleasure.

And I paint the joy of creativity, enjoyment of our own body, sensations, acts and relationships.
Joy can appear into any movement or thoughts, your words or actions.
Joy is mixed with pain, flows into one another. And sometimes it is impossible to distinguish.

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